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Male Persona (withlike5outfitsmOREcoMING)

Male Persona (withlike5outfitsmOREcoMING) Minecraft Skin
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avatar An Intelligent Moron
Level 54 : Grandmaster Skinner
Name: Xoriin Ru-Reskur
Age: 20
Orientation: Gay
Species: Virkarian, an endangered alien species
S.O: Maeorris Zeyana, skin coming soon
Appearance not shown in skins: 4'10, athletic build, scar from falling off a cliff on left thigh, prosthetic left foot
Personality: Xoriin had always been the quiet one. He would never like to go out in daylight, so he would sleep during the day and watch the stars at night. He appears shy and unwilling to talk at first glance, but once someone got to know him, they'd know he's actually a salty b****.
Backstory: Born as Xoriin Ru, he was the son of a farmer. He was born an only child, and had a relatively normal life, normally playing in the fields with Maeorris and Madison Zeyana. The Zeyana twins were royal guards to the Reskur family. During a war between their planet Virkar and the hostile planet Ferransign, Xoriin's cottage was destroyed, his family dying inside. As the last survivor of the Ru family, the royal Reskurs took him in, the royal mage brainwashing him and replacing his memories as a farmer. His memories were changed as to make him believe he was the son of the king of Virkar. When he was 17, a large satellite from Earth, from a completely different galaxy, crashed onto the small planet Virkar, destroying the entire planet. In order to escape, Xoriin and the Zeyana twins got to a space pod, not knowing where they would land. After a year of floating in outer space and beginning to run out of supplies, the three made it to earth. Of course, they hold a grudge against the planet. When the pod crashed, the were scattered across Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Xoriin was in NH, and he had fallen off a cliff, leaving him with a completely shattered foot, 3 broken ribs, and a rather large scar on his thigh. The only way the was possible was because of how hard the pod crashed, knocking everyone out. The pod did not have any logic lmao. When Xoriin was 20 and in college, he just happened to be in the same one as the Zeyana twins. Xoriin looked different - he was wearing color contacts to hide his pure white eyes, and glasses. His hair was longer, too. But the twins recognized him immediately, due to the fact they've been close to him for 18 years.

Information about the Virkarian species coming soon.
Alt. Outfits
CreditLoveLies - the moon decoration
Format1.8+ Only Skin 64x64
ModelAlex (3 pixel arms)

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