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Man Eater - Wendigo Inspired Skin - Benevolence

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Benevolence avatar Benevolence
Level 37 : Artisan Skinner
I now have seventy-three unchecked notifications. I've been attempting to go through all of them but it has been difficult.
Fortunately, I did manage to complete this skin today and a few compositions. This skin was loosely inspired by the wendigo. I haven't seen any great skins for this beast, so I decided to try creating it myself. Originally, it was going to be a zombie, but it didn't resemble one well. I did my best to avoid significant amounts of blood and graphic violence, there were times I was tempted to go overboard.
I used my lack of sleep to fuel this beast's malnourished face. I hope no one is judging me too harshly by my poor descriptions. In my opinion, I think I sound like a gingerly elderly person who's trying too hard to sound intellectual when I type, something I'm not too happy with. Hopefully, I will improve my wording and sound slightly more adequate. I'm not trying to use words that are unnecessarily formal, they just come out on their own.
Hopefully, I'll get a better night's rest tonight.

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10/26/2018 3:13 pm
Level 56 : Grandmaster Lad
Romto_ avatar
10/25/2018 11:59 pm
Level 61 : High Grandmaster Skinner
Cleora avatar
I suggest checking out B.Busta's (I think) youtube videos about this topic. Same goes for Mr.Nightmare, also on youtube. Other wise, very nice shading.
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