Mine- Akame Ga Kill Minecraft Skin
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Mine- Akame Ga Kill

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SilentWish's Avatar SilentWish
Level 47 : Master Skinner
Mine is a self pro-claimed "Genius Sniper", as well as being a sharp-tongued and quick-witted member of the assassin's group, Night Raid

Mein is a young woman of below average height. She has very long pink hair that is tied in twin-tails on the right and left sides of her head. She has big, pink eyes.

She is often quick to anger, and easily irritated with those she does not know well. Despite her cold exterior, she has shown to be warm and kind to those she has opened up to. She shows her compassionate side on one occasion by teasing Tatsumi to get his mind off of the death of Susanoo.Over time she develops romantic feelings for Tatsumi

Thanks to everyone if they like this. :)

Mine- Akame Ga Kill Minecraft Skin

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