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Mersabyl, Wraith of Hononin

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Thesatuan avatar Thesatuan
Level 14 : Journeyman Zombie
Feel free to use this skin however you like, but refrain from using it to RP, for it is one of my OC's.

Hononin, a powerful deity, wished to force the world into being in balance. Since he was forbidden to interact with the world directly, he tampered with another world in the galaxy. This world was empty, and devoid of life. He created 3 entities, each exactly the same, but with a different task. One was to execute all that did wrong, another was to reward all those who did right, and another was to heal those who were neglected or harmed. The one who punished, was Curhsabyl, the one who gave, was Hurdabyl, and the one who healed, was Mersabyl. Hononin then created a ship, capable of sustaining itself forever, as long as it had sufficient power. Hononin, knowing he would be punished by the higher deities for creating the Wraiths, sacrificed himself into a crystal, the Dharateer, which powered the ship. His second and final command to the Wraiths was to travel to Earth, and do their jobs, as he told them. It took many decades to get to earth, precisely 3.8 billion years. During this time, the Wraiths attended to the ship, steering it around obstacles, and tending to its engines. They never ate, they never learned, and they never slept, they never even talked to each other. Once they arrived at the earth, they separated immediately, their duties calling them into different areas, Curshabyl having the task to punish the evil, was drawn to a certain demonic realm, where he was never seen again. Hurdabyl, went into the sky, to reward the legends of the past in the afterlife. And Mersabyl, was drawn to a small skirmish in the distance ...

02/22/2021 9:27 am
Level 14 : Journeyman System
NoodleRat avatar
this tale is crazy. it also shows why good people sometimes never get rewarded and why evil is sometimes never punished, but the ones who are harmed most of the time get healed. most of the time...
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