[Meta Runner] Tari [v4] Minecraft Skin
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[Meta Runner] Tari [v4]

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[Meta Runner] Tari
Version 4.0

Nobody gets good at Skin making without practicing. So I thought it would be a fun project to make Minecraft-Skins for the characters in the Web Series Meta Runner. This Version is probably the final version of this skin unless I receive feedback that changes my mind.

Coming soon
- an Extra Skin of Tari's in-game Appearance in Ultra Jump Mania
- a new Skin for Belle Fontiere from Meta Runner

Changelog Version 4.0:

-Color-corrected the hair because it was too close to to the jacket color
-moved down the eyes by 1px
-Added shading to the hair

Changelog Version 3.0:
-Changed the hair design a bit
-Improved the Hoodie design
-Corrected the Sandals design
-Adding shadow effects
-Collecting more feedback

Version 2.0

After learning a bit more about skin design and the do's and don'ts around it I improved some of my mistakes from the first version.
Now the Skin is one step closer to the final look.

-Change the hair design a bit
-Improving the Hoodie design
-Correcting the Sandals design
-Detailing Pants and visible skin
-Collect more feedback

Original Character
Tari is the main protagonist of the web series Meta Runner by SMG4 // GlitchProductions
Original 3D-Model Designer Lachlan Dunbar

3D Model-Sheet:
3D-Model Sheet

If you have any suggestions for the next version, please let me know!
CreditLachlan Dunbar, SMG4, Glitch Productions

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08/29/2019 4:20 pm
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