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Midnight mysteries ★~

Midnight mysteries ★~ Minecraft Skin
avatar SincxrelyMe
Level 33 : Artisan Fish
★This is for morningblues's contest
I chose midnight, I see myself as a night owl... i enjoy drinking hot tea
and reading a book in peace and quiet with some scented candles the moon shining through the window being all warm and cozy inside while there's slight frost on the windows... I also enjoy the slight element of surprise that comes within the depths of the night you never know whats going to happen.. sort of mysterious at midnight its a new day fresh opportunities... I feel like I can be myself around this time and i definitely enjoy that.
(Sorry if that made no sense haha sorry-)
Also, i felt like i had to clear this up- feel free to skip over this- the flower in her hair is supposed to present a Moonflower
since i didn't really know how to incorporate the moon into the skin so i chose a Moonflower ♥

I really tried my best on this skin, i hope you enjoy the skin i made and you should definitely join the contest that i will link below! V

★Please do not copy or use this skin in any way without giving me credit★
Thank you so much~~

Inspiration ★


01/29/2019 4:34 pm
Level 54 : Grandmaster Procrastinator
Ahh this is so pretty! Great explanation too :) Thanks for joining <33
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