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Level 25 : Expert Goblin
"A prime soul is an incredibly rare occurrence in which a soul amasses so much power that it no longer requires a Husk as a vessel to manifest physically.

As manifestations of pure will, prime souls are incredibly powerful, to the point that even the prideful angels see them as a threat and will use any means necessary to stop them from forming.

King Minos felt that eternal suffering was unfair and unreasonable for those whose only sin was loving another. After the disappearance of God, as the angels were lost and heaven was in chaos, Minos began his efforts to reform the lust layer.

The Lust renaissance was prosperous, as King Minos guided its inhabitants to come together and build a new civilization. The combined efforts of the countless who have been damned to the second layer bore great results as the grand city of Lust grew and grew.

However, after the council took control of heaven and brought stability to it through their iron fist rule, they saw that Minos had gone against God's will by freeing sinners from the punishment that God had designed for them.

Gabriel, the brightest of the angels, was sent to kill Minos. The king, rather than fight back, tried to reason with him, but Gabriel mercilessly struck him down without listening.

As Minos' will was strong enough to attempt to stand up to heaven's rule, the angels chose to imprison his soul in an attempt to stop it from forming into a prime soul and appointed Gabriel as the new Judge of Hell.

From the prison inside his own body, Minos helplessly watched as his soulless corpse, now controlled by parasites, tore apart everything he had worked so hard to build, cursing his own weakness for failing to protect his own people, vowing to take revenge... " (ultrakill wiki)

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10/07/2022 11:44 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Miner
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