MSN-02 Zeong (ジオング, Jiongu) | Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 Minecraft Skin
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MSN-02 Zeong (ジオング, Jiongu) | Mobile Suit Gundam 0079

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The MSN-02 Zeong (ジオング, Jiongu) is a prototype mobile suit appearing in the anime Mobile Suit Gundam. Developed by the Principality of Zeon at the A Baoa Qu space fortress during the One Year War, it was built for Newtype pilots and was first piloted by the "Red Comet" Char Aznable.

The final product of the MS-16X "Bishop Plan", the Zeong was only 80% complete when it was deployed, thus its lack of legs and exposed upper arms. Although the legs would aid in the AMBAC System, their omission did not hinder the mobile suit from performing at 100% combat capacity, since two rocket thrusters were installed at where the legs were supposed to be.

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