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Namine Ritsu (Vippaloid/UTAU)

Namine Ritsu (Vippaloid/UTAU) Minecraft Skin
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avatar Crimson The Zorua
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Well, If you've been keeping up with me, You'd be asking 'But Akeiro, Where are the TOME skins?' Well, I'm going to be away from my PC for two days, not entirely, but during the times I'd usually upload at (11am-1pm GMT). As such, I won't be uploading ANYTHING tomorrow, and will be uploading really early on Friday. (And yes, they WILL be TOME characters - Nylocke and GameCrazed, to be precise).

Anyway, message aside, This is Ritsu. You may have seen him on my Profile, down that side bar. He's a UTAU, and one of the 'Boukaloid' group - Meaning that he was teased to be a Vocaloid at release (Boukaloid can also mean Troll Vocaloid).

He is 6 years old, Weighs 25 tons, and has missiles loaded within his chest. Yeah. You can see why he was a Boukaloid. 
Personally, He's my favorite UTAU, due to the smooth realism found in his Voicebank - Something that, As a person with the UTAU software - can say is lacking within other voicebanks. So yeah, Ritsu. Enjoy~
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