Navi the Zubatgirl pokémon trainer Minecraft Skin
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Navi the Zubatgirl pokémon trainer

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PikaOlivia avatar PikaOlivia
Level 29 : Expert Pokemon
She is so cute and I hope a lot of people like her, bc there are not a lot of cute zubat girl skins.

When working on it and trying to figure out the back, I realized that I was trying to recreate zubats pallet and therfore made a Zubat of her by doing the wings and tail on the back.

I named her Navi, bc of Navi from Zelda Ocarina of time. The annoying but caring and cute fairy that tries to guide Link through th.. HEY LISTEN!

I tried to work with a purple, bc I don't work a lot with it and I tried to do a simple shading job to challenge myself and it worked out very well.
The fact that I figured out that it reminded me of pokémon trainers before I figured it was a zubats pallet also had to do with the simplicity of the shading.
The hair, tails and wings stood out from the simplicity, but I still made it work, which also learned me a lot.

(Quick side note: When you think of using her as a trainer npc for your Poké-server, I can also make this skin in different styles and also come with character ideas and the types of pokémon she uses and dialog options with you. I also make custom models like for my Eevia skins that have animations that work in java using a mod, but that could also be done by rescoursepacks. Discord: PikaOlivia#1514)

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12/03/2022 2:42 am
Level 40 : Master Button Pusher
Igor Tio
Igor Tio avatar
A month ago, I found a bat in the curtain of my apartment. Cute and aggressive animal that tried to bite me every time.

Nice skin!
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