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Necrodinus, Scourge Of Blackwind (Original D&D Character)

Necrodinus, Scourge Of Blackwind (Original D&D Character) Minecraft Skin

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avatar Carcharodontosaurus
Level 56 : Grandmaster Caveman
"Weary traveler, I bid you not to venture up the mountain road. Only evil lives in those mountains. You will need more than a sword to conquer the harsh environment of the Blackwind Mountains..."

Many people, tradesmen, adventurers and deserters alike, have tried taking the mountain pass of the Blackwind Mountains to the east, in the region of Kulthros. And very few have ever returned. No life exists in the mountain. Consider yourself the only living denizen while walking the trail there, for a curse lies over the darkened passages and crags. 

A long time ago, there were several villages and cities around the peaks. Only very few remain today. It was a cold winter, roughly 400 years ago, but with no snow, not this time... for the skies were darkened by the shadow of a dragon. Red dragons are the "hoarders of gold", often attracted by wealth and riches. Blue dragons, the hoarders of gems and crystals. But there is one race of dragons, that does not seek that which glimmers and shines. Black dragons... the hoarders of bones. Known for being more vile and aggressive than any other type of dragon, these dragons seek out highly active areas, whether it be animals or people. In the winter 400 years ago, the black dragon Necronus almost wiped the highlands clean of life, and had settled down in the dark caverns of the Blackwind Mountains. Many adventurers tried to kill the beast. Some came close once, but not close enough. The dragon was already old when it came to the mountains, and dragons, though they can live for hundreds of years, do not live forever.

50 years ago, when things seemed to have calmed down in the region of Kulthros, a group of strange people began a pilgrimage up the mountains. These were not ordinary pilgrims however, they were necromancers. They had come for the dragon. Necronus had in fact summoned these servants of the dark. The last few years, Necronus had stopped growing in size. This could only mean he didn't have many winters left. The necromancers were summoned to take part in a ritual, which would grant the great dragon eternal life. The soul from Necronus was ripped from his body, and placed within a powerful crystal, that would replace his heart. He was no longer alive, nor was he living. He had become an undead dragon, but not a mindless one. He had ascended to become a "lich". Still conscious as he was in life, but now immortal, and even more deadly than ever.

When the ritual had commenced, all life within the mountains was siphoned into the soul-crystal that hovers in his torso. No living being dares travel the path up the Blackwind Mountains anymore, with the exception of dark creatures, who swear their allegiance to the dragon, whom they now call "Necrodinus", the scourge of Blackwind.

Heroes, take care, you travel into the maw of death itself. Great is the reward for the ones who might slay the dracolich. But even greater is the pain for the ones who fail. Having a necromancer with you, or perhaps someone with a heavy mace for breaking bones, would be a very wise idea indeed.

Monster Stat-card (Usable for an actual D&D board-game, in case you own one!)

CreditZOMBIE DRAGONS, ZOMBIE DRAGONS, ZOMBIE DRAGONS, ZOMBIE DRAGONS!... But it's not a zombie dragon tho. It's a "Dracolich" :I

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : 01/10/2020 9:21:35 pmJan 10th

Update 1:

- Edited the legs a bit, so it doesn't look too wonky when walking
- Added more green glow to the head
- Added more shadow to the chest and the lower jaw, to define the jaw better

02/04/2020 5:07 pm
Level 21 : Expert Button Pusher
Love it! The addition of an actual D&D stat sheet is a nice touch.
01/11/2020 8:13 pm
Level 27 : Expert Skinner
the face is really cool
01/11/2020 9:38 pm
Level 56 : Grandmaster Caveman
Thank you!
01/11/2020 1:29 am
Level 59 : Grandmaster Cyborg
love the completely unnecessary rocks that he's standing on
01/11/2020 6:00 am
Level 56 : Grandmaster Caveman
Ya, wanted the dragon to have some mountain-tops to stand on ⛰️😎
01/09/2020 1:07 am
Level 22 : Expert Dragonborn
Looks Very Good!
01/10/2020 5:37 am
Level 56 : Grandmaster Caveman
Thank you!
01/11/2020 4:38 am
Level 22 : Expert Dragonborn
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