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Nirie Vergo Dacron - Daughter of Aphrodite OC ~Ὠκεαν~

Nirie Vergo Dacron - Daughter of Aphrodite OC ~Ὠκεαν~ Minecraft Skin
avatar Prince Oceanus
Level 48 : Master Wizard
Nirie Vergo Dacron is a Daughter of Aphrodite, and is Oceanus' wife. She was originally a dancer at a club (I'm keeping it at that, you can probably figure out what kind she was), but was fired for something that she doesn't like to talk about. She lived on the streets until a friend of Oceanus', Nexius (AKA Nex), found her in the pouring rain one day on the way back to Oceanus' house with a ring to propose to Usuia Dacron, Oceanus' android (and eldest) daughter. He brought her back to the Dacron residence, where he introduced her as a maid for Oceanus, even though Grace did most of the chores around the house. She immediately fell in love with him, and after much thought and consideration, Oceanus finally proposed to her, and they got married after three weeks of preparation for the wedding. She gave him a second (and living) son, named Luka, and is possibly pregnant again. She dreams of having lots and lots of children, but Oceanus thinks five kids is enough for now...but she always reels him in somehow.

Recently, she was rescued from the Castle of Despair after Sunaeco kidnapped her, and forced her to work as a maid, where she slowly started to lose her skin and turn into a black skeletal figure. Luka missed her, and after many days of misbehaving and pleading his father to go find her, Oceanus finally bent and took Grace and Nex on the mission to save her. They found her, and took Sunaeco, his wife Vivian, henchwoman Jillian, and daughter Jewel, into custody. Vivian helped perform surgery on Nex and Jillian, who is bipolar, essentially. She had a rather loud discussion with Sunaeco, which led to him fleeing with Jillian.

Currently, she and the rest of the group (Oceanus, Nex, Jewel, Grace, Vivian, Sigil, and Oceana's cat, Drop) are heading back home. However, she seems to be drinking quite a lot of water...what does this mean?? Only time shall tell...
CreditThanks to Wandella Brown for being my (metaphorical) big sister, and for developing this story and the characters in it, which gave me the idea for these skins. :) Love ya, sissy!
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