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Nogathius, the blacksmith of the world

Nogathius, the blacksmith of the world Minecraft Skin

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avatar nawikipedia
Level 47 : Master Technomancer
If you'd ask any villager to tell you who made this world, they all would tell you the same thing: "mmm... ehhmm... mmhmm..." but if they could speak english they'd say: "Nogatheus!".
Nogatheus is belived to be the blacksmith in the god's community (by those who belive in them). He appears as a golem made of clay. His stone skin allows him to take damage like is was nothing, lift heavy stuff like they were made out of silk and be surrounded by lava and fire and still complain that it's too cold for him. Also he could light fire with his eyes! Isn't that cool?
So when the god of gods who's name shall not be told in public for some reason (ask the villagers why) decided to make what we call our world he first tried to get Nogathius'es help.
This was something he has never done before. How could he forge an entire world? Nogathius rejected the offer at first, but then he changed his mind and took it (he realized that he was the only one in the entire universe that might be able to do such a thing).
Nogathius forged every single block and started to build the world. Chunk by chunk, block by block our world was made by nogathius for the other gods to spawn their creatures, cause their weather and generally do whatever they feel like doing with it.
Sometimes he cheated a litte bit and left empty areas underground where the other gods could not see (we call them "caves"). Sometimes he made extra blocks so he just dumped them in one big pile (we call those "mountains").
He never took a break. His job was never completed and it probably won't be for the close future. Every time you load a new chunk Nogathius has to forge every block and place it for you to use as you see fit. His clay body is now cracked and broken, his skirt thing is torn but he keeps on going.

I hope you liked this story I wrote about this god thing I made... And I hope you like my work overall!
If you did, then GIVE ME ALL YOUR DIAMONDS AND FAVORITE THIS SKIN! ALSO LEAVE A COMMENT ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE AND DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE! :) just do whatever you feel like doing. I'm not going to ask you for anything. I would appreciate if you did diamond/fav/etc. this skin but please only do so if you really think it deserves it! I don't want to be that guy that only cares about diamonds and sh*t...
So yea...
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