Obsidian Fury - Kaiju Berserker Minecraft Skin
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Obsidian Fury - Kaiju Berserker

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TheIronFireKnight avatar TheIronFireKnight
Level 31 : Artisan Warrior
Obsidian Fury - Kaiju Berserker

Gipsy Avenger is sent to face the drone in Siberia, Russia where it resides inside of a Jaeger Production Facility. In an effort to cover its tracks, Obsidian Fury destroys the production facility and engages Gipsy Avenger in battle on the ice, where it nearly bests the efforts of pilots Jake Pentecost and Nate Lambert. After a lengthy battle, Obsidian Fury is destroyed after Gipsy Avenger rips out its power core.

But. Now, Obsidian Fury has been reactivated by an unknown power core hidden inside the machine itself similar like the drones, The Kaiju Blood can regenerate the damaged parts and create an new secondary brain so it goes berserk into an new weapon of mass destruction.

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