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OC - Memories flash before my eyes, I'm losing time

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Name: Roman Erron
Age: 18
Orientation: Omnisexual
Personality: Before the whole traumatic crap, Roman was that one guy that you wouldn't want to mess with at first sight, but he was a giant softie. Now, Roman tends to snap at anyone who asks him what happened, he's also very stubborn. After seeing someone from his past(3 years ago, cough) with someone else, he grew rather envious, and closed himself off to the world. He keeps secrets from everyone, including his own family.
Backstory: Roman grew up in poverty. When he was 15, he stowed away aboard his friend Victor's ship, but it turns out there were assassins n stuff to kill Victor and his family. In bright daylight, Roman fell off the ship after being stabbed in his left shoulder and right kneecap. The ship was over deep water, and Roman couldn't swim. It was by some miracle that he washed up on the shore of an island inhabited by hostile natives. These natives attacked him, leaving him without his right arm and only one eye. Again, a miracle saved him from bleeding to death. By bandaging his face and stump, he was saved from bleeding out. He was on that island for 3 years, always hiding from the natives. By the time he managed to build a raft and travel to the nearest non-hostile island(somewhere in the Caribbean) he had dropped 70 lbs, and he was rather close to dying. When he finally got back to Florida, he received medical attention, where he got a prosthetic arm, but the doctors didn't do anything for his vision. When he found Victor once again(he high-key had a crush on Victor before the whole island thing), he grew envious that Victor had a girlfriend. He hid his jealousy though - told Victor's girlfriend to treat Victor with respect and all that. but yeah then victor's girlfriend was convicted of 1st degree murder of roman's father so that's nice. also eventually victor and roman got together so that's great
Appearance not shown in skin: 6'4, Lanky, Always standing stiff, Robotic arm, Scars over body

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