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Oceana Jane Dacron - Daughter of Water OC ~Ὠκεαν~

Oceana Jane Dacron - Daughter of Water OC ~Ὠκεαν~ Minecraft Skin
avatar Prince Oceanus
Level 48 : Master Wizard
Oceana Jane Dacron is a Daughter of Poseidon, and the fourth eldest of the Dacron Family. She is the sister of Oceanus, Luna and Vincent Dacron, and is related to the Aphrodite side of the family via Uthar, Raelynn, Taylor, Angelica, and Ozark Dacron. She has two nieces named Grace and Qweralia, and a nephew named Luka, all three of them Oceanus' children. Quinn Dacron, AKA Sunaeco, is also her brother in the family, but she hates his guts, essentially.

She is very fond of her brother, and will never be seen without him nearby, since he's more respected than the rest of the Dacron family, despite being the third eldest (Angelica being the second eldest and Uthar being the first). She is also an Erypmav, or a reversed Vampyre, meaning that she gives blood to people instead of taking it. This also means that she can fly with large, light-blue bat wings that she keeps in her back, her complexion isn't like that of regular Vampyres, and she can survive the daylight without any problems. However, losing her blood means she also has to keep her blood levels balanced, otherwise she will become sick and most likely die, and she becomes very agitated at nighttime. She used to carry a trident, but gave up fighting after the first real fight with her brother Quinn, where she was just barely living after the fight, and was sent into a coma. Luka, Oceanus' son, touched her face one day, and she immediately woke up. Luka has been close to her ever since, as well as his father. She gave the trident to Grace recently, as protection from her twisted uncle when Oceanus, Grace, and Nexius went to go rescue Nirie, Oceanus' finacé.

She currently is taking care of a strange man that she found laying on her doorstep. Who is this man? What is he? Only time shall tell.....
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