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Octo Canyon

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Octo Canyon -Turquoise October (Splatoon 2)

AWW YEAH IT'S AGENT 4 mwahahah

Ya like it?

Btw, I didn't mention this on my Agent 3 skin, but feel free to edit my Splatoon agent skins without asking me first (as long as you credit me, write my username in the description, and link the original) to change skin colour, eye colour, hair style, etc. Ya know :>
This applies to JUST the agent skins tho- please ask me first for my other skins!!! Thank youuu

I tested out a new way of shading the hair on the sides and top of the head. This just kinda represents the shape of the hair, ya know? it'll change skin to skin, I'm probably not going to do this for not-splatoon skins cuz they don't really need it haha

Okay!!! Baii!! Enjoy <3
- kitty <3
CreditSplatoon 2
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