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| Oh? Is This a Human Mareanie? | ~* Marma *~

| Oh? Is This a Human Mareanie? | ~* Marma *~ Minecraft Skin
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avatar Marma
Level 46 : Master Kitten
I love Mareanie~ So I decided to make kind of a pokemon oc~
Reference Photo

Some Quotes From Her

Anyways, her name is, Marina. She's the whole dramatic "everyone hates me!" type of thing. She's 17 so yeah.
I'm planning on making one where she's older and dressed more like Toxapex (when her Mareanie evolves)
Anyways, her main is a male Mareanie named, Maraline.

Please do not:
Edit my skins.
Steal my skins.
Use my OC skins
as your own Oc
Thankies chu!~
(if you get inspired by me, please credit and @ me)
Format1.8+ Only Skin 64x64
ModelAlex (3 pixel arms]

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