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Once upon a unicorn girl ~ // 10 diamonds??

Once upon a unicorn girl ~ // 10 diamonds?? Minecraft Skin

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Shortened Story:

Once apon a time there were two girls, one rich and selfish girl and one poor for selfless girl, they were best friends and they didn’t realise that that one was rich and the other was poor. Malissa lived in a tiny wooden house with her dad and her sister. One day they had a stroll at the nearly woods and found a magnificent unicorn! The poor girl (Malissa) was amazed, but scared at the same time, worried that she would scared the unicorn, whereas the rich girl (Faliffi) said “Oh it’s just a unicorn what harm can it do?” And she spat her toungue at the unicorn and the unicorn chased Faliffi away.

Malissa still extremely frightened said “Please don’t hurt me” the unicorn went up to her and said “I will not, your selflessnesss and non-arragantcy has made my trust you” Malissa slowly went up to the unicorn and stroked it, and suddenly the poor girl turned into something amazing! Her hair turned Rose-gold, she wore a funky purple top, a blue skirt and very odd socks! She also had wings, unicorn horn and a unicorn tail. “Huh?” cries out Malissa. “It’s me” replied the unicorn “Your mother, your dead mother that transformed into something beautiful, I’m sorry I left you-“ Malissa interrupted “It wasn’t your fault that you died of that terrible disease” Soon the unicorn disappeared, and the powers of th poor girl was well hidden. For some time anyways


i love that story it’s a shortened version but it still makes me cry ;0;
This is for a comp <33
CreditAlways credits to me
Format1.8+ Only 64x
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