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Oswald the Steampunk Bot

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Level 36 : Artisan Imposter


  It was done, the engineer's best work yet, his own robot assistant to help him work in his old age. He looked at his creation with pride, it was perfect for the shop.
  Mechanically strong, yet elegant, something that could help the old man with the heavy lifting and serve customers.
  He named this machine Oswald, the pride of his workshop.
  His robot turned out to do more than just work. It did the unexpected, it showed emotion and sentience. Oswald kept his maker company throughout his lonely old days, even beside the man's deathbed as he faded off into the eternal darkness.
  After Oswald's maker died he had no idea what he would do next. He could outlast multiple generations of humans so finding someone else to keep him company wouldn't last and would just leave him heartbroken in the end.
  However, one thing that could last... the old man's workshop. The robot used its superior intellect to get ownership of the workshop despite his lack of money or legal human rights.
  From then on the robot maintained the shop with care, serving customers and making machinery for the people of his town. He became beloved by the neighborhood, becoming the town's main attraction and bringing income and development to an otherwise overlooked town.

  I give full permission for anyone to use this character and this skin in any way one wishes (with credit).

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