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Our solar system

Our solar system Minecraft Skin

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This is what our solar system would look like if it was a Minecraft humanoid if you do like this skin then check out my other ones on my planet Minecraft profile....they have ALOOOT of detail in them more than our solar system that's for sure this is mainly because I spent hours making them although our solar system took me a little less time but still quite a bit.

Here is a description of how everything looks incase you want to waste your time reading this jumbled up monster paragraph :D

the first thing you notice is the stars all around the body...those stars represent all the different suns in the universe/galaxy and maybe even some other solar systems.
the next thing is that the eyes for the skin is our sun I used two because it looks better and the mouth of the skin is a smile formed by asteroids. on the right and left sides of the skin are Mercury and Venus because they are the planets closest to the sun. on the front of the chest of the skin is the earth and of the back of the skin is the moon this is because the moon is rotating around the earth therefor going all around the skin its also because the earth is the third closest to the sun so its a little further down. mars is used as gloves since it is the fourth closest planet to the sun and is after earth. Jupiter is used as a hat for the skin since it is the biggest planet and can cover a lot I know it is the fifth closest to the sun but I had no room to put it any further down :P.
Saturn and Neptune are on the front of the legs of the skin.
Uranus is...on the...well lets just say where it belongs on the skin since it is the sixth closest to the sun and is really far down. Saturn and Neptune are on the front of the legs of the skin.

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