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Pastel in Brown

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You guys liked the Pastel in Blue skin so why not do Pastel in Brown? Now since it's Valentines (Actually idk when ur reading this lol but at this time is Valentines day lol) you guys might be thinking: "Why not do Pastel in Pink instead of Pastel in Brown?" Now you peeps have a good point but this is supposed to be a little settle after Valentines. Now why not make this skin AFTER the Holiday? Jeez you sure have a lot of question but that's because I haven't been online much, why is that you ask? Hehem personal information that's why/

It's a good time to do another pastel colored skin cus jus' think about the time period from when Pastel in Blue was made, seeee? Even if it doesn't take place in the right time, it's the right time to post it! I know that sounds confusing, but please, just deal with it, deal with this being ur new skin peeps.

This skin is allowed to be used in game play and for online use, however you WILL get plagiarized if you don't credit me!

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CreditThx to: Nova for giving me a bRaNd nEw sOfTwAre
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