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Pastel in the Army

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Spy_Payazz avatar Spy_Payazz
Level 18 : Journeyman Cookie
Here's a dark pastel in the army; in which now you guys know, I will start doing a bit more dark pastels. There will definitely be more light colored pastels than dark colored ones but I just wanted to let you know bout' that. And yes, she is in the army, you can even say she's retired, just bring the army personality with her, cause that's who she is now.

Did you know instead of saying (pas-stel), I say (pas-tul)? Well I used to say it Pas-stel but once I started making more pastel themed skins, I say pas-tul now. It helps because depending on the title, it can make it sound better. Anyway, I didn't receive much help for this skin and I would say it probably isn't the best for the new theme going on since it's Valentines day, Not Veterans, but imma make some more themed skins. Other than that, here's ur skin peeps!
CreditThx to my frenemy for giving me insults (So she can later on see that I ended up posting this)

02/07/2021 12:43 pm
Level 1 : New Collective
NightFireRoses avatar
Hi I really admire your work and I was wondering if you can make a custom skin for me. If you want to please contact me at A Dork#4539 in discord thank you very much!
02/07/2021 12:44 pm
Level 1 : New Collective
NightFireRoses avatar
Also if you do message me on discord please clarify that you are yourself so I don't think your some random person thank you!
02/07/2021 1:35 pm
Level 18 : Journeyman Cookie
Spy_Payazz avatar
Hello! I saw your message. I have emailed you (Through PMC of course.) In the email I have more info.
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