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PC Gaming Since 1873 (splash text contest) Minecraft Skin
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Uhh I had this is mind for ages and forgot about it then remembered it today and rushed it as quick as I possibly could and even then depending on Maka’s time zone I could be too late ha.

EDITTTTTT: Guess who forgot to link the original contest ha:

I tried to do an aesthetic but I have no idea how to so it probably doesn’t look anything like a vintage aesthetic.

since I was rushing it I decided to put on some jazz like music to make me think of an outfit since I had only originally thought of a computer head (it looks more like a tv ngl) and had no idea for the clothes. So yeah it’s rushed but I really wanted to enter pfft.

p.s the song was Midnight by The SwinGrowers

and I feel bored as I wait for survival Island season 2 trailer with AnotherAsianVA hurting his throat just to voice Marty so I feel like entering contests
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