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Pepe the Frog (HK ver)

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How does this skin relating to "meme"
The term "meme" is a cultural idea which transmitted from one mind to another through social media, writing, etc. It spreads like a behavior or habit that has the ability to let all walks of life follows the trend so that people can use and express same the idea. Pepe the frog is a good example that this trend goes on to another country or places which the meme itself is redefined by the certain place of people. In HK, people uses Pepe as a symbol of liberty and resistance while some forums and platforms uses it as an expressions of feelings. 
How Pepe the frog is related to Hong Kong
In 2019, Pepe was used by protesters in the Hong Kong anti-extradition bill protests as a symbol of liberty and resistance. Protesters, especially children and teens, see it as a cartoon that “looks funny and captures the hearts of so many youngsters. It is a symbol of youth participation in this movement.”

We Hkers use Pepe stickers in chat or all kinds of social media to express the view that we stand against the bill.

The following picture is a sticker pack of HK's Pepe:
Pepe the Frog (HK ver) Minecraft Skin

The whole idea of this entry
As u can see, this Pepe is wearing a black shirt which is the Protesters' dress code. A yellow helmet to protect themselves from cops. I added number '5' and '1' on the shirt's front and back respectively as it is the slogan of some Hkers' wishes in the protest.
"Five demands, not one less"

The Five demands are:
1. Full withdrawal of the extradition bill
2. Retract the classification of protests as “riots”
3. Amnesty for arrested protesters
4. Establish an independent commission of inquiry into police brutality
5. Dual universal suffrage for the Legislative Council and the Chief Executive to elect a truly democratic government

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Update#1 : by Edicine 04/22/2020 9:22:44 amApr 22nd, 2020

Reshade the whole skin exclude the green part. Some parts are lighter than its other side.

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