"Policeman" From Pixel Gun 3D Minecraft Skin
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"Policeman" From Pixel Gun 3D

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Nightcrawler_117 avatar Nightcrawler_117
Level 22 : Expert Explorer
I Decided To Recreate The "Policeman" From Pixel Gun 3D (A 1st Person Shooter Mobile Game), This Might Get Copyright-Striked But Frankly, I Don't Really Care That Much... I Just Started My Account Anyway...

Also, My Account ID For Pixel Gun Is "122959277"... If Anyone Cares...

UPDATE: Good Thing No One At PG3D Cared... I Kinda Like This Skin & Came To Re-Download It...

Also Haven't Played Pixel Gun Since This Skin...

- If You Don't Ask "How's Your Day Been?" To Every Individual You Say Hi To, What Are You Even Doing Here M'dude-Bro, Bro-Dude?

... Night
CreditPixel Gun 3D Company

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