Power Rangers Time Force Quantum Ranger Minecraft Skin
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Power Rangers Time Force Quantum Ranger

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Level 24 : Expert Artist
As Ransik continues his quest for total domination of Earth, archeologists discover a box that, unknown to them, contains the Quantum Ranger morpher and powers. Both Ransik and the Rangers are well aware of its contents, and make attempts to retrieve it. The box eventually falls into the hand of Eric Myers, a member of the Silver Guardians, the city's police force managed by Wes' father, Mr. Collins. Eric activates the power, and becomes the Quantum Ranger. Eric, however, becomes cocky and irresponsible with his power, forcing Wes and the Rangers to get try to get it back; however, they failed to get it back because Eric defeated them causing Eric continued to use the Quantum Powers, he began to take responsibility for his actions, and becomes the leader of the Silver Guardians as the Quantum Ranger.

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08/28/2014 3:32 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
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the nostalga is real =']
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