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Pyramid Head [Silent Hill]

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Viz Xatir avatar Viz Xatir
Level 55 : Grandmaster Hero
This is Pyramid head from Silent Hill 2.

If you have not played the Silent Hill games I recommend them!

This guy is well know in this game series, so I don't think I need to go into much detail.


Pyramid Head, also known as "Red Pyramid Thing",[1] "Red Pyramid", or "Bogeyman", and Sankaku Atama (三角頭?)in Japan,[2] is a fictional character from the Silent Hill series of survival horror video games published by Konami.

Introduced in the 2001 installment Silent Hill 2, he is the antagonist and he stalks James Sunderland, the primary player character, who comes to the town of Silent Hill after receiving a letter from his deceased wife, Mary. The Silent Hillseries, particularly the second installment, frequently utilizes psychology and symbolism: Pyramid Head represents James' wish to be punished for Mary's death. Masahiro Ito, the designer of Silent Hill 2's monsters, created him because he wanted "a monster with a hidden face".[3] Known for his large triangular head, Pyramid Head lacks a voice, and his appearance stems from the town's past as a place of execution.

Pyramid Head has since appeared in other media in and outside the Silent Hill media franchise. Positively received inSilent Hill 2 for his role as an element of James' psyche, he has been cited by reviewers as an iconic villain of the series and part of Silent Hill 2's appeal.

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Update #1 : by Viz Xatir 07/29/2014 5:18:41 pmJul 29th, 2014

-Tweaked lots of small details

-Edited Desc.

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10/19/2012 12:25 am
Level 18 : Journeyman Archer
Reec3ty avatar
I was so gonna make this skin, had the idea a few months ago but didn't know how I would be able to implement it because of the blocky head. I love how you made it though :D
10/19/2012 12:52 am
Level 55 : Grandmaster Hero
Viz Xatir
Viz Xatir avatar
Thank you very much! haha yeah It's took a bit of working out. XD

I'm glad you like it. <3
10/18/2012 11:09 pm
Level 27 : Expert uwu
the watcher
the watcher avatar
so cool! i was just looking pyramid head up on google images, it's my favorite silent hill character! also... first comment ftw!
10/19/2012 12:53 am
Level 55 : Grandmaster Hero
Viz Xatir
Viz Xatir avatar
Thank you!

Yeah Pyramid Head is totally awesome. :)
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