Rabi (2121 Future Contest) Minecraft Skin

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Rabi (2121 Future Contest)

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skizuke avatar skizuke
Level 50 : Grandmaster Artist
Kinda rushed and made this for the contest since I'm going be busy for next 2 weeks so its a bit messy of a skin but it works lol.

don't think I need to say this but just in case, Please don't graffiti / spray paint on anything you don't have permission to spray/tag on.


In the year 2121 Graffiti tagging will become a casual and competitive activity, where prizes can be obtained if won.

graffiti is no longer a big problem in 2121 due to the GCP (Graffiti Clear Panels) that are placed all over so casual and pro
graffiti artist can use them to tag or paint murals.

but tagging on anything other than a GCP is a 1,000$ fine and 30 days of community service for first time offenders.
breaking or stealing a GCP count as stealing/destruction of gov. property.

as all competitive things Factions start to form and domination the field. At the moment there are 8 factions and 1 Gov "Faction"

Almost everyone wears a gasmask or something of the sort to either filter out the toxics in the air from pollution or to just
breathe pure O2 from canisters, Air quality in 2121 is horrific and is deemed unsafe for long term living.

Types of Graffiti paints/tools now used : Basic Paints , RGBD (Red Green Blue designator) changes any Smart RGB bulbs
to the color specified, Holo Paints/Hologram Stencils.

Rabi (2121 Future Contest) Minecraft Skin

Rabi (2121 Future Contest) Minecraft Skin

01/14/2021 8:48 pm
Level 54 : Grandmaster Lad
JamieThe1egend avatar
The colours are really interesting to me, this is a great skin! Keep up the great art!
01/14/2021 9:41 pm
Level 50 : Grandmaster Artist
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