Rareby the Golden Robot (Main OC) Minecraft Skin
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Rareby the Golden Robot (Main OC)

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Bee-bee avatar Bee-bee
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Omg, this was SUPER hard to make, but i finally did my first skin and it's insanely detailed. I kept looking at my girlfriend/boyfriend's skins and got very inspired, so i tried the skin thing for myself and ended up making a very good looking skin of my main OC Rareby. And i put my whole heart into it, I EVEN POURED MY SOUL INTO IT. But yeah, i love this skin so much and definitely don't regret wasting half the night to make this- And the thing on her neck is a bowtie, i know it looks weird but if you look close enough you'll see it probably looks like a bowtie. So yeah, enjoy the skin my diamonds! <3

This took hours to fix up (the skin did) i kept reuploading it because of the darn mistakes- But i'm relieved i fixed it before anyone saw the mistakes.. ;-;

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