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Hello Everybody! This is 2012Commander here, and here's The Player from Hello Neighbor! (Who looks like a Rick to me)

All we know about the Player is that he moves into a suburb to have a VERY strange and secretive neighbor, to what i can assume, because of the metaphoric nightmares, we already know him and what he's doing. building off of that theory, he is probably trying to get evidence of some kind of physical proof that this guy is a madman. in Alpha 2 (the alpha build that makes the most sense), Rick moves into his new house, only to be thrown out by the Neighbor, and sets him on a couch in the middle of the yard across the street. the Neighbor is trying to capture a child when Rick wakes up. The Neighbor spots him, and darts off. when Rick peeks through the living room window, The Neighbor is boarding up the basement door. when he tries to enter the house, he accidentally knocks over a coat rack, and the Neighbor hears it. that scene teaches us how to use the dressers (or armoires). in Alpha 1, Rick gets buried alive by the neighbor when he unlocks the basement, but in Alpha 2 he is able to enter the basement. in Alpha 3, Rick gets a flashback in which the house is normal and it's day (btw it's constantly night in alpha 3 in case you didnt know) and we see the Neighbor sobbing in the corner. when we approach him, the game ends.

UPDATE: dude! the actual name for the player is Nick Roth! i got VERY close to the real name... i told you he looked like a Rick! i guess he looked more like a Nick... but anyway, i'll tell you the REAL story of Hello Neighbor:

Nicholas Michael Roth just got evicted out of his apartment. unfortunately, that means he has to move back in to his parents' old house. when he arrives and unpacks, he gets flashbacks to a time when he was a kid.

He remembers playing with his ball up the road from his (and the neighbor's) house. when he reaches his neighbor's house, he witnesses a struggle between him and some kid. when he peeks through the window, the Neighbor (Theodore Peterson) catches him. Mr. Peterson leaves him at his house, so Nicky tries to get back in. eventually, he reaches the basement. while walking through, he sees sets designed to look like kid's rooms. he then is spotted by Peterson, and then gets caught again! but this time, Roth has seen too much, and is locked up in one of the sets. he then makes his way out of the basement. after leaving through the cellar, he finds the house looks radically different, and huge wood walls and chain-link fences surround the property! he now has to escape!

after a long grueling process of solving puzzles, getting keys, and dodging traps, he finally makes it out. the neighbor tries to pursue, but a crash in his house causes him to abandon the chase.

flash-forward to the present, and Nicky continues to unpack, all the while spotting this strange shadow man. he realizes that this is just a shadow of the past, and brushes off what happened in his childhood, looking into the bright future.

Nicky Roth (Hello Neighbor) Minecraft Skin

now here's a bonus. this is my sort-of comedic story i made while playing the alphas:

a man named Kyle Stone is a door-to-door salesman working for Botanists United, a business that sells flowers. Stone tours neighborhoods giving away Petunias to market subscription to their monthly plan, when he goes to the house of Samuel Manning, who warns Stone about his neighbor, Al Wilson, who kidnaps people. Stone ignores him, thinking he is a nutcase, and goes up to Al's door. he rings the doorbell, but there is no answer. when he knocks, the door opens by itself, and, thinking that something happened, he enters to look around. he finds a door leading to the basement glowing red. when he goes to investigate, he is captured by the neighbor.

Samuel Manning is spying on the neighbor, scared to even leave his own house after what had happened to the botanist. he calls a private investigator working out of nearby San Andersonia, Rick Holster. Rick tells him to calm down, and spy on him, to "work on the other end". Manning goes around, trying to find incriminating evidence against the neighbor. he finally is able to open the basement, but the neighbor slams the door shut and buries him alive! Samuel Manning is never seen again.
(his backstory is that he owns a site named, where he makes d.i.y. videos)

Rick Holster lost contact with Samuel Manning, his lead on the new Wilson Case. after looking deeper into the history of the small San Andersonia suburb, he finds that 5 teenagers, 3 mailmen, 2 door-to-door salesmen, and 2 Jehovah's Witnesses disappeared near Wilson's property. he knows that he has to stay in the town for a long time, so he rents out a small house. after moving in he unpacks, puts away his trusted crowbar (that got him out of a tricky situation in New Barcelona), and sleeps. he wakes up to being snuffed with chloroform by the neighbor, and thrown out of the house. he wakes up to the screams of a kid, who is Wilson's next victim. he gets up, runs over to the house, and sees the neighbor lock up the basement. he sneaks in through the unlocked front door, but accidentally knocks over a coat hanger behind the door. the neighbor hears it and runs over to the door. Rick hides in a nearby armoire just in time. the neighbor has taken over his house! he finds one of Wilson's security cameras and is able to rewire it to act as a camcorder. he films everything then-on. after a lot of searching, he finally gets into the basement, where he is horrified: he finds what looks like a living area for a person and baby, all the while circus music is blaring. he goes through a door and finds what looks like a weird distorted maze. he runs through it, but his camera stops working, and starts sparking. he throws it in anger, furious that his equipment died on him, but continues to go on. he reaches one last door, and hears a woman and little girl crying (this part is the Alpha 2 basement teaser video btw). the neighbor then runs in, and Rick is nearly caught. Wilson is about to look under the bed, but he hears the little girl scream, and runs through the door. Rick then decides to brave it and enter through the door.

Rick is awoken by the sound of banging on his door. he knows that it's the landlord asking for rent, so he gets up, but instead of asking for money, an envelope slides in through the mail slot. it is Rick's eviction notice... he has to pack up his things. not only is he evicted out of his apartment, but he also lost his office in the basement. the office stuff is going to be taken care of by Rick's partner Stephen. he packs up his things, including his VHS of The Morning Chronicle, a detective show about two detectives, Ellison and Harry Jarvis. he arrives at the neighbor's "final house". the story is that he owned 3 houses: the first one, his "real" house in which he would abduct the victims, the "waiting" house, which is where he would hold them until the right time (this is, by coincidence, the house that Rick bought 5 years earlier), and the final house, where he would keep them indefinitely. apparently, Rick was given the final house by the police after they busted Al. he enters, and goes up to the basement, but then something attacks him! he wakes up from the dream in his new house, right next to the "final house". Al Wilson was never convicted to a long sentence because no bodies or other abductees were found. now, Rick and Al are neighbors, and will duke it off once and for all.

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Update #1 : by 2012 Commander 11/10/2018 12:44:22 amNov 10th, 2018

changed name to fit with the story

and edited description

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