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robots can be cute too

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frankisarat's Avatar frankisarat
Level 44 : Master Whale
if you just search up "cute little robot" and look on images, you'll probably find robots that look quite similar to mine. Of course this is because i referenced off of those cuties.

sorry if it looks like someone else's skin, it was not meant to copy anyone.

spooky details
"Introducing Sno-Joe, a personal miniature robot to assist you! (Eyebrows included. Batteries not.)"

until this robot broke the rules.
Instead of being a personal assistant, some of the robots were hacked, in which they had their own brains to work with. Sometimes they help others, sometimes they harm. These rascal Sno-Joes are unpredictable. Some people speculate they're up to no good.. Such as planning to take over the world...-cliche cough cough

The story of this specific robot, who prefers being called Stormy for personal reasons and issues and can be considered mostly helpful. (not)
Stormy found the flower in a field next to it's factory. As for the scarf, Stormy was given it from an old lady, who thought Stormy looked like her old pet cat. The robot was extremely kind and wanted to keep that image. However, the amount of hate given towards Stormy and the others caused it to act otherwise. He no longer kept a kind image for just that reason, but kept a kind and cute image only to gain from it. Still at it today, Stormy hopes to not be discriminated once forth.

and thats why we dont have real life robots

edit: the name Sno Joe actually came up with a meme me and some of my friends made up a couple years back

all rights reserved sign goes here until i actually make one

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11/13/2018 3:29 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Skinner
Derriala's Avatar
"Eyebrows included. Batteries not." I love it xD
11/13/2018 3:59 pm
She/Her • Level 44 : Master Whale
frankisarat's Avatar
xP thanks
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