Roman Beneficarius/Junior Officer Minecraft Skin
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Roman Beneficarius/Junior Officer

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"Junior officers in the Roman army below the rank of centurion. They were appointed through the favour (beneficium) of their commander, and the title existed at least from the time of Caesar. In the imperial period a beneficiarius ranked among the principālēs, who received pay at one‐and‐a‐half times or twice normal legionary rates (see stipendium), and performed administrative duties."

Another in a series of skins I've done of historically accurate Roman skins, mostly from the ancient Roman legions. This is based on a few examples of a Beneficarius, who was basically a junior officer who would've done a variety of different things depending on what he was assigned.

Perhaps not as well dressed as his higher officers, but still would've had some sort of distinguishing garb, such as the padded cingulum belt I've done on this skin. A Beneficariis most distinguishing feature would've been his lance standard he carried, though obviously I can't include that with the skin lol.

Here's a helpful example of the lance:
Roman Beneficarius/Junior Officer Minecraft Skin

Feel free to use/edit this skin for whatever you like and take whatever parts you want off it.
CreditStugace, Father_Samuel

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