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Rosario + Vampire (Outer Moka)

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Moka Akashiya from Rosario + Vampire

One day I was surfing the web looking for Anime after watching every episode of Bleach and got bored after as I had nothing to do and a lot of free time, I came across a series called Rosario + Vampire. In this series there are two seasons 'Capu' both with 13 episodes in each all consist of small adventures where there usally a ''bad guy'' and 'Inner Moka' defeats, Inner Moka is the true form of her vampric power and is class as S class as she is so powerful. Each episode is like this but at the end of each season 'capu' there is a massive battle and a lot of people die. As every anime there is a little dirty bits which you can't find not awesome, over every episode the is a base story line which is mainly: Moka is trying to hold onto Tsukune 'the one she loves' and 4 other HOT girls are trying to have him too. (Outer Moka)
Rosario + Vampire (Outer Moka) Minecraft Skin

(Not going to spoil any more)

Background Info: Source:

Cheerful and positive,Moka's natural good looks get the attention of all the males in Yokai Academy (as well as problems with a few of the females including Kurumu, as seen in chapter 2). Though good natured, she possesses a bit of naivety that draws her into problematic situations. While initially distrustful of humans, having spent almost her entire life in the human world until middle school where she was being made fun of by her fellow students, she eventually grows to care for the only human on campus, Tsukune Aono. Her bond with him grows stronger over time, to the point where he begins allowing her to ingest his blood without protest, just so she remains healthy. When it appears in the story Tsukune will be expelled, Moka states she would rather drop out and go with him because she cannot bear the thought of them being separated. She is also good friends with Kurumu, who considers herself and Moka "best friends" despite their rivalry for Tsukune's affection.

In Rosario + Vampire: Season II with the introduction of Moka's half-sister, Kokoa Shuzen, prior to the "Inner Moka" being sealed, the two developed a brief rivalry. Kokoa became distressed when she was sealed, and spent the next years chasing her sister in order to fight and talk to her inner self. While Inner Moka loves Kokoa as a sibling, she finds her younger sister "too clingy", and Outer Moka dislikes Kokoa's penchant for attacking her constantly in order to force out her other personality.

Oddly, Outer Moka's appearance is exactly like that of her mother's, Akasha Bloodriver. Later in the manga's second serialization, it is shown that the reason for this is that Outer Moka is a fake personality that her rosario created by Akasha, and the purpose of Outer Moka is to protect the seal and body of Inner Moka while Inner Moka is asleep. However, even though they share the same body and mind with one another, both Mokas are considered to be "real personalities."

Yokai Academy

Yokai Academy is a special school made for the purpose of monsters coexisting with humans. It is founded by the three Dark Lords, one of whom is the headmaster of the school. The other two are Tohofuhai, Fang Fang's great-grandfather, and Akasha Bloodriver, Moka's mother (in the anime, Moka's father, Issa Shuzen). Yokai Academy is surrounded by a barrier called the Great Barrier, which separates the academy from the human realm, hiding it from plain sight. The only known way to get to Yokai Academy from the human world is through a bus that travels through a tunnel called the "Tunnel of the Fourth Dimension", which, according to the bus driver, has various "mouths" that open to various tunnels all throughout Japan. The barrier is powered by a rosario seal that is similar to Moka's deep within the academy, and according to Mikogami, if the barrier collapses, all of the suppressed energy contained in the yÅ kai world will flood over to the human world, creating chaos and disorder.


Sorry for this being so long... but i hope you enjoy the series as much as i did!

Because i found this show to be great i decided to make Minecraft Skins of all the characters!! So ENJOY!

I will also be uploading Inner Moka soon!

Please Download, Give diamonds if you like it and Comment!!
CreditRosario + Vampire

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Update #2 : by andyjk15 08/23/2012 8:26:59 amAug 23rd, 2012

Changed the tone of her hair to a lighter pink.

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03/14/2013 10:44 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Miner
watergo98 avatar
please make a HD moka skin and people from season 2
08/22/2012 7:11 am
Level 36 : Artisan Electrician
FruitSmootie avatar
Nice. I agree, all the girls in the show are pretty hot. I like how you gave some background knowledge of the show in your description. Keep it up. And are you going to make Moka's true vampire form skin?
08/22/2012 8:23 am
Level 55 : Grandmaster Blacksmith
andyjk15 avatar
Yeh I'm going to make every character in the series :D
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