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Ryley Robinson (Subnautica)

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Level 43 : Master Explorer
Hey everybody! this is 2012Commander here, and here's Ryley Robinson from Subnautica!

Ryley was the Non-essential systems maintenance chief of the Aurora mining vessel owned by the Alterra Corporation, a Trans-Gov and main supplier of the Trans-System Federation. the ship was sent to the Ariadne Arm with the purpose of building a phasegate within the orbit of Star 4546, near the planet 4546b. this planet has a history of disappearances, which leads us to the Aurora's secondary goal: to find the remnants of the Degasi, a Mongolian starship lost a decade prior.

Unfortunately, the Aurora is shot down by an unknown object. Robinson escapes in Lifepod 5. Lifepod 5 is the only escape pod in the area to survive, as all others were destroyed during reentry or were destroyed by the crew or alien life native to the planet.

Robinson wakes up to a burning lifepod, so he puts out the fire with his fire extinguisher. when he emerges from his capsule, which has been severely damaged by the fire, he finds a world full of alien life, and the burning hulk of the Aurora. he dives into the water, unknowingly infecting himself with the Kharaa. The Kharaa is a severely infectious disease that kills within a few months.

his exploration is cut off due to the Aurora's radiation, which has formed a barrier about 1km diameter around the ship. he has to create a radiation suit. but he shouldn't get too close, as the Aurora's dark matter core is highly unstable, and could explode. when he repairs his escape pod with the repair tool, he gets distress calls from the other lifepods, which some of the inhabitants reported seeing fragments of the ship, which might have valuable resources in them.

suddenly, he gets a warning from his PDA stating that there has been a quantum detonation in the dark matter core, and it will explode in 10 seconds! once those seconds go by, the whole front of the ship gets engulfed in a fiery explosion! any living thing near the ship is destroyed, but now the ship is accessible through the destroyed section. through the exposed section, the airlocks, Robinson explores the Cafeteria, Living Quarters, Admin. Office, Cargo Bay 3, a Seamoth Bay, a Locker Room, the Prawn Suit Bay, Laboratory, and even the Drive Room. the Cinema, Antigravity Gym, The Bridge, and several Cafes are inaccessible. some areas, like the Leisure Deck, VR Suite, and Scanner Room were blown off the ship during the explosion, and can be found in Wrecks (Aurora fragments) all around the region, like the Grand Reef, Mountains, and Mushroom Forest, respectively. Robinson repairs the broken seals in the Drive Room, and stops the radiation leak.

the only room he can't get into is the Captain's Quarters, but he later gets the code over the radio. but for now, when he returns to his capsule, he gets a message from the Bulldog Class starship Sunbeam, captained by Avery Quinn, which is responding to the Aurora's distress call and will arrive in a few days. when it does, Quinn gives the Aurora crew 40 minutes to rendevous with him at the landing point, which is an island housing the cause of the disappearances: a large alien gun. this gun activates, and Robinson watches helplessly as the gun obliterates the Sunbeam.

so Robinson decides to enter the structure, using a purple artifact like a key to disable a forcefield. inside, he learns about the "Precursors", a race of technologically superior beings known to exist who inadvertently brought the Kharaa to 4546b. after exploring for a time, he finds the deactivation mechanism to the gun, but it won't let him, stating that only individuals without the Kharaa can deactivate it. after listening to more radio messages, Robinson learns that the senior officers of the Aurora were going to meet at a rendezvous point on another island, opposite of the "Precursor Island". this is not actually an island, but a large chunk of seafloor lifted out of the water by a group of massive floaters, animals that act like buoys. this island is referred to as "Floater Island". on Floater Island, Robinson finds rusted-out remains of what was once a series of bases. he learns that these bases were constructed by Captain Paul Torgal, his son Bart, and his hired bodyguard Marguerit Maida. they are what's left of the Degasi crew; and they salvaged the ship to make the bases. Robinson later finds bases in the Jellyshroom Caves and Deep Grand Reef.

He also discovers the other Precursor bases, including the thermal plant, disease research facility, and primary containment facility, which houses the intelligent, sentient species of the planet, the Sea Emperor. the Sea Emperor can telepathically communicate with him, and says that her babies are unable to hatch in the conditions of the aquarium, so Robinson has to find the 5 ingredients for hatching enzymes: Eye Stalk Seeds, Fungal Samples from Mushroom Trees, Ghost Weed Seeds, Sea Crown Seeds, and Bulb Bush Seeds. after he gets the materials, he sets the babies free by activating the portal. Enzyme 42, which is secreted by the babies, is the only known cure for the Kharaa.

now that Robinson is cured, he deactivates the Quarantine Enforcement Platform. now, all he needs to do is build his escape vehicle, the Neptune Rocket. he finds the blueprints for the Neptune Rocket in the Captain's Quarters. after a long time of building and gathering resources, he packs his things and prepares a time capsule, in which he writes to the next visitors. he launches, and activates the phasegate, and escapes.

but unfortunately, he has to pay off the money he owes Alterra for using the materials on the planet, technically their property. he owes them 1 trillion credit...

it's been awhile since i posted a skin, 10 months actually! basically, i took a break from skin making, and then just forgot about it. all i can say is: expect more skins soon!

Ryley Robinson (Subnautica) Minecraft Skin


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