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Samurais as Brands (Part 1)

Samurais as Brands (Part 1) Minecraft Skin
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avatar Nudle
Level 40 : Master Ladybug
This series is heavily inspired by VinneArt's series of samurai girls represented by famous fashion brands. Check their originals out they're amazing!

I begin with Adidas, a brand I wear the most in this series. Her original has black hair but as you may notice, all of their artwork features raven haired girls which is fine but I also imagined her as a slav-samurai with the blonde hair (also if you didn't know, I'm Polish by heritage! Nas zdrowie to all my people!)

Next we have Nike, as a skin she is more tame compared to Adidas but in personality I would think she's more aggressive. I like Nike as a brand too but I don't own many of their products (perhaps the slav bias in me)

Nike the Skin

Finally, we have Fila, one of my favourite Italian brands (that I can afford XD). She looks the most cutesy as well but I think it's the flared skirt and ponytail combo (and those Fila chonker shoes omg i love). John Wick rifle not included in this one sorry!

Fila the skin
CreditVinneArt as known on Instagram for these beautiful drawings!
Format1.8+ Only Skin 64x64
ModelAlex (3 pixel arms)

2 replies

07/13/2019 4:02 pm
Level 24 : Expert Pixel Puncher
Wow, these are amazing! I'm glad to see that you've taken time to create these, they're really stunning! excellent job!
07/14/2019 3:36 am
Level 40 : Master Ladybug
thank you so much! I love hearing that my more experimental ones are doing great!!!

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