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Sea Siren - Aquatic Adventures Contest Entry

Sea Siren - Aquatic Adventures Contest Entry Minecraft Skin

Contest Finalist!
This Skin is in the Aquatic Adventures Minecraft Skin Contest which is now Complete!
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avatar frorgi
Level 35 : Artisan Bear
ahhh i havent entered a contest (or posted a skin for that matter) in a while

so let me explain a little about my basic idea

i imagine she is some sort of deep Atlantic sea siren

i say atlantic because of her hair, and how its more on the green side. the atlantic's waters are much more green than the pacific

im proud of her, but i feel like i could do better because i actually live really close to the ocean (about a mile or so), but its late and ive been super tired the past couple of days, so this is the best i could do

she has a fish net on her arm, too. i like to think that some deep sea fishermen caught her and she wasnt having it so she killed them and decided to keep the net as a souvenir or trophy. either that or shes just kinda dumb and got caught in a fish net

either way i think shes pretty and i hope if i were to meet her id hope she wouldnt eat me :')

psst i also made this into a timelapse and when its ready itll be on my youtube channel (link in bio aka my "updates" section)

06/19/2018 12:53 pm
Level 25 : Expert Lemon
This is go good!! ^O^ I love your Yoosung and 707 skins too!
06/19/2018 6:02 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Bear
ahh thank you so much!!
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