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Secretary Wolf [With scarf on her hip.]

Secretary Wolf [With scarf on her hip.] Minecraft Skin
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avatar Wolf_with_Scarf
Level 26 : Expert Toast
Hello humans! (and animals!)

I am Wolf- wait... Did you say that I look different? Oh... Actually, I am a little bit different from before... You see, weather today is really hot. Maybe because it's summer... Anyway, keeping a scarf on might not be a great choice, but I still don't want to take it off... So I just put it on my hip instead.....

Actually, I made this skin as an experiment (And kind of a joke). I want to try making a female skin, but I am not really good at it. So instead of making an actual female skin I think it might be funny if I turn my wolf boi into female... I think it turned out really good (And kind of cute).....

I hope you might like this...
Hearts and diamonds are always and forever appreciated. Thank you!

With respect -Wolf_with_Scarf. UwU
CreditMade by Wolf_with_Scarf on 1/07/2020
Format1.8+ Only 64x
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