Seliph (Old Design) | Fire Emblem: Genealogy of The Holy War Minecraft Skin
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Seliph (Old Design) | Fire Emblem: Genealogy of The Holy War

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Fugu avatar Fugu
Level 41 : Master Skinner
I was planning on making pantless Marth after the Dorthea skin, but I felt that I should pay tribute to the person that motivated making skins for FE characters in the first place. As his name is fire emblem yes man, being how when I was barely making my Male Byleth skin, I thought it was going to be a one time thing. Until I saw his profile on my skin recommendations list, as he showed his passion for FE through making skins for the series that dated back since 2016 and potentially even earlier.

   As I decided to recreate Seliph's old design because when I was trying to make the design from FEH, it ended up looking too similar to what FEYM did. I also considered making an Eirika skin, but I think his has made enough Eirika skins for the community as a whole already xd. I can even recall him telling me that he disliked this style of shading, but from the reference art, I felt that it was a necessary deed that had to be done haha. The hair kinda became a disaster though as you can see. As lastly, I used his original Seliph skin as a base for the hair and cape/scarf placement, so may consider this a reshade if you think about it.

  I think when I was in the the process of making this skin, I got a little to attached to Seliph. I say this because I randomly 5* him, upgraded for his miracle refine, and even foddered a hector just to give him distant counter. Though his voice actor, art, and gameplay are actually all really good to be honest. My favorite line definitely has to be "UNTIL THE END!"
(He has 5k+ HM because he was a part of a large group of heroes that I was HM farming when the cap was still at 5k)

Seliph (Old Design) | Fire Emblem: Genealogy of The Holy War Minecraft Skin

  But if anything, I hope someone you finds joy by using this skin.

Seliph (Old Design) | Fire Emblem: Genealogy of The Holy War Minecraft Skin
Creditfire emblem yes man

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10/14/2019 2:05 pm
Level 59 : Grandmaster Prince
fire emblem man yes
fire emblem man yes avatar
Well frankly I'm flattered to read that top paragraph. I've always seen myself as being here to provide a service, making fire emblem skins, and hardly as a personality or even inspiration. I got my beginnings making awful edits and splices and yet here I am, being the inspiration for someone to kick-start skinning. It's sad seeing the people that have left and never come back, though I can hardly blame some of them, but for the first time it feels like I'm making some real progress with my skins. sometimes I don't know how to improve, but I hope moving forward my skins will be interesting enough to stand alone as skins, regardless of the source material.

As for using my skin, I don't mind really. It's clearly a unique edit, and there are only so many ways you can shape Seliph's hair anyway. On the topic of shading, you've done what a lot of people do frankly, and applied your own dramatic light source to the skin. It's like when people make skins with orange lighting on one side and blue on the other, it can look really visually impressive, it just doesn't always make sense when you use it ingame. In this instance I'd argue that the old 90s artworks from the fire emblem treasure books have their own distinct style and you've done a reasonable job of replicating them here. none of the artworks feature very dramatic light or shade bar the hair (which tends to be massive and have that uh shall we say 'radial sheen' around the crown).

Once I've finished up with Magvel, I hope to return to Jugdral skins for a bit. Designs like Leif's are why I got back into making skins, and with my 100th submission fast approaching I may well make a special Seliph skin to commemorate. I'd say the Jugdral games stand as my favourites from both story and gameplay angles, although the artwork for Echoes: Shadows of Valentia is my favourite and I have a soft spot for the Archanea games as a whole, regardless of their actual gameplay or story depth.
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