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Sheltem the Dark

Sheltem the Dark Minecraft Skin

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avatar Nozo
Level 42 : Master Princess
Sheltem the dark is from the first five Might and Magic series and was defeated by Corak in Might and Magic V: Darkside of Xeen. Since the game is my favorite game in the series I have decided to create Sheltem if he was only killed but not destroyed by Corak's self-destruct code 001.

If Sheltem had survived the blast but died a few hours later from burns or had been pushed into the ground so far that it froze Sheltem.

In this skin that I created, Sheltem has been frozen through cold temperatures found only underground. I also chose the category robot since he is a guardian which is (if i remember) basically a mechanism that protects a world (this ones misguided); essentially a cyborg-type creature.

Sadly the Might and Magic series is dead and has been long dead for a long time due to 3DO's bankruptcy around 15 years ago and Ubisoft destroying the series (removing all science fiction from their titles and abandoning the base Might and Magic series).

So there, who's going find this "fossil" and possibly end up being letting it back into the World of Xeen?

The second layer is mostly composed of transparent texture, I thought of having it around 100 but it didn't stand out as well so I made it 199 instead.
Format1.8+ Only 64x

2 Update Logs

Added some definitions to the skin : 12/07/2019 5:04:05 amDec 7th, 2019

I decided to create some more darker tonal shades for some parts of his outfit; especially visible on the legs and main body piece as I darkened some parts of the metal to create a more shinier surface.

You can, however, still get the old version of the skin from my site: dahylp.com/DAHYRESOURCE_PACK_01/SHELTEM_THE_DARKFIXED.png
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