Silt Aki'roFas: Gerrian-Torran Raid Defense [Contest] Minecraft Skin

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Silt Aki'roFas: Gerrian-Torran Raid Defense [Contest]

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Quick note: This is all made up. It's not fan fiction from a game or movie, it's just all from my head. If anything doesn't make sense, good! :D Try to make sense of everything anyway or just play along. I put a lot of work into this lore, so it would be great if you would read it all and be enveloped in the story, living through just as Silt did.

Hey everyone! Recently I've come back to Planet Minecraft after a long break. I've posted some stuff, but I missed out on quite a few skin contests while I was away. Here I am, back again participating in yet another skin contest at long last! Since this is my first after a long break, it really means a lot to me. I would appreciate it very much if you'd take the time to diamond the submission; after all, it only takes a moment and costs you nothing at all! Thank you very much in advance, and good luck to all in the contest!

A brief biography of Silt Aki'roFas: Gerrian-Torran Raid Defense Squadron 00-4z.

Silt Aki'roFas was born in the year b204: Second Segment, on his home planet of Gerra-Torran. As a child he had always dreamed to be up in orbit, slashing through the heavens in a Raid Defense fighter craft. He always wished to serve his planet protecting the valuable Cyanobacteria farms from theft and destruction. As he grew into a young adult, he was becoming generally accepted wherever he went as an unusually nice fellow, for being a Gerrian-Torran, after all. He got along well and worked through his education towards eventually joining the Raid Defense force.

By the first segment of the year b227, Silt had a problem. Although he was old enough to join the force, he hadn't enough money to finish his education on Gerrian-Torran, and instead spent the rest of his money to take a transport craft far away, to the quadrant capital known as Eriashier, where a pilot's education is free. There, he spent four years studying. He finished school, obtained his fighter-class pilot license, and got a job in the Eriashian military for another two years until he had earned enough money to move back home.

Finally, in the year b234: First Segment, he signed up for Squadron 00-4z of the Gerrian-Torran Defense Force. He had fulfilled his lifelong dream, after many years of hard work and determination.

A short history and description of the Gerrian-Torran Raid Defence Force.

Gerra-Torran, which was home to the intergalactically known best Cyanobacteria farms, due to it's dense, humid atmosphere, boggy terrain, and close proximity to it's sun, was often raided by smugglers and bandits attempting to make a quick profit by making the trip to the Torran System (which, of course, only contains Gerra-Torran, it's moon and sun, and is extremely isolated, being the only system in the Boritorix Cluster Galaxy to contain life), landing a cargo or smuggling ship on the surface near a Cyanobacteria farm, and taking as much as they can for lower prices than the Gerrian-Torran's do.

Cyanobacteria is a valuable and extremely important substance, as it has the ability to process carbon dioxide into oxygen during photosynthesis at the same rate as most humanoid races produce it. The substance is used in many various types of survival suits, starcraft and space stations, terrestrial colonies, and much more. Because of it's wide use and scarce availability, thieves can make a great profit by stealing it and selling it.

Theft was becoming an increasingly great issue for the planet of Gerra-Torran. Their cyanobacteria was being consistently stolen, bringing down the planet's main source of profit, and it was difficult to stop thieves before they escaped. They had to do something. At last, the government decided that the only way to stop them was before they even made it to the planet. Thus, the Gerrian-Torran Raid Defense force was founded in b182 First Segment and put into place in orbit; hundreds of squadrons of thousands of skilled pilots put into orbit in small, agile fighters to shoot and destroy any unauthorized interplanetary transport before they have a chance to enter the atmosphere.

What is a Gerrian-Torran?

A Gerrian-Torran is a beast-lizard type humanoid sentient being from the planet Gerra-Torran, the capital (and only planet with life) of the Boritorix Cluster Galaxy. Gerrian-Torrans are adapted to the very wet environment of their home planet.

They have thick, clammy hide ranging in color from a light yellow-brown color, to a dark orange, to a deep red color. Adult males have two horns protruding from behind their eyes, which either bend towards the back of their head, or curl towards their jawline. Every Gerrian-Torran has a ridge running from his upper forehead to the back of his neck. They have flat bottomed heavy feet which help them walk across the bottoms of bogs and lakes, which are scattered across their planet. Their fingers are long and slender. They have snouts and large, bulging eyes, as well as a gaping mouth with sharp fangs.

A Gerrian-Torran's diet is mainly composed of aquatic life and various nutrient-rich plants which grow in the bogs of the planet. Although they eat most anything, they prefer these foods.

They are usually short tempered and hard to get along with, and are tough negotiators. Although they may seem crude or primative, they are far from. Gerrian-Torrans are pioneers in the field of Cyanobacteria research and genetic modification, and it's thanks to them that so much progress has been made. They are very intelligent, and though the planet is wet, boggy, and slimy, their cities are built high above on supported platforms. The towns are always very clean and their architecture is sleek and innovative. It would appear you read the whole story. Awesome! If you did, comment telling my what you liked about the entire lore. Thanks!

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01/31/2015 9:49 pm
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make moar futuristicy thingy things skins like dis one
11/10/2013 7:14 pm
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It's really cool to go through your skins and see how you improved. Great job man, keep it up!
10/02/2013 6:21 am
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Huoston' i see a winner.
09/23/2013 6:18 pm
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Military Minecraft
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09/21/2013 10:14 am
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Cool skins!!! I love them all!
09/21/2013 5:08 am
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WOW! The whole story is amazing so much detail. And the skin is pretty cool too :)
I hope you get to the finals :D
09/21/2013 8:26 am
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I'm glad you like it, I put a lot of work into the story :D
09/21/2013 8:35 am
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Ha ha :) you sure did.
09/20/2013 10:58 pm
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Sli....akir.....fa....Wha? Nice skin :P
09/21/2013 8:25 am
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Thanks :P
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