[Skin Redux] Colonel Dante. M. Tiberius [Vantonia RP] Minecraft Skin
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[Skin Redux] Colonel Dante. M. Tiberius [Vantonia RP]

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Raptor_XIV avatar Raptor_XIV
Level 30 : Artisan Skinner
A retouch and redux to showcase my improved skinning skills. This is a redux of a skin I made in 2013 for the Vantonia RP Server.

Dante was born in Espara.
Character Name: [​Captain] Dante M. Tiberius

Race: Stephian (Human)

Personality: A complicated, adventurous, and witty man, who struggles in trying to remember his past. He is always in an inner moral conflict, and although he often makes bad decisions, he is a natural born leader and a brilliant tactician who can keep his composure and make quick decisions, even in the most dire situations, but the stress of it all takes a severe toll on Tiberius's personality; Although he can be very sociable at times, he is mostly a solitary man, stubborn, argumentative, and a heavy drinker. Despises magic-users and yells a lot.

Backstory: The story of Captain Tiberius begins with him serving in the navy of a distant empire, Espara, as the Captain of an airship, The Cloud Trident. He was a skilled sailor of the skies, but a dreadful storm proved that he was not skilled enough... Tiberius and his crew became lost over the vast ocean, with their only compass being destroyed in the storm... And so with no land to guide themselves with, they sailed for days, till they were running on nothing but fumes... And just as they spotted the shoreline, the engines squealed to a halt. The craft plummeted down from the sky, spiraling into a forest below.
Everyone on-board was killed on impact. The highly flammable sinews of the craft exploded into flame, drenched in motor oil and throwing sparks, killing everyone onboard... But Tiberius survived... How you ask?
Seconds prior to the crash, Captain Tiberius had fallen out of the craft, into the trees below, hitting his head in the process. This saved his life.
He lost all memory of his life before the crash, and was in a coma for 2 days. Luckily, during these 2 days, a traveler had stumbled upon his limp body in the tree and
seen the smoke from the fires several miles away.
The Captain awoke that night, and in the morning traveled with his new-found friend, Louis Baer, to the wreckage, where they looted what they could. In this, Tiberius found his old logbook in steel crate, which may be the most important thing he found in the wreckage. From this, he tries to reconstruct his memory as he journeys across this strange new land, to the Capital, where his new adventure began...

Already a military man, and swayed against magic-users by Louie, (Tiberius beleiving his crash had been caused by malicious magic users) he almost immediately joined the Vantonia Military Regime, and due to his evident command experience in battle, was re-awarded his officer title.

Affiliation: Vantonia Military Regime.

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