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This Skin is an entry in the completed Grayscale Minecraft Skin Contest.

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Skuggi Næturinnar

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Angel avatar Angel
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rain cloudes by Catatombi

Wow this is a experimental I decided to make.
I hope it's not terrible xD.


"As my eyes turned gray and my hair turned white,my room became,along with my body,the prison cell I couldn't run away from"
Bit by bit,day by day,I'm know I'm growing more and more insane.It's been so long since the panic that echoed through the world,and there aren't many people like me left.No monsters like me,to be honest.
Time doesn't affect me at all.Technology has advanced so much,by the touch of a button you could light a whole house.No candles pinned to walls,no fires started accidentally.I'm so hungry and cold,but there are
too many people outside for me to run away from my doom.I should've died by now.It's been decades since I saw natural light,but my body is still here,my mind is still here.No signs of aging or sickness,just the dull
colour of my skin and my armor.

"It has started.Pick your sword,your shield and armor and fight!"
We were just children.One day we were playing with sticks and stones,and on the next our hands would be full of blood.Arrows on my left and cowards running away on my right,no chance to live.All sides knew
that their leaders were sitting at a table,stuffing their faces with food and laughing as they perished,but that didn't stop anything at all.We were just chained to this boring routine that was running for centuries,
fighting for something we didn't care about.Freedom?No,we had all the freedom we needed.Vengeance?For what?Resources?Our normal lives had everything,why did we have to go through this horror?
Who were our leaders,anyway?Kings?Queens?Dictators?From the look of it,maybe they were the devil itself.

From thousands of people,the number went down to hundreds.One day,everything was quiet.Both sides were mourning their dead and were trying to recover from all the damage.
However..there weren't any sides.Looking at the faces of our enemies,they were just as scared as we were.Just as human as we were.Was this just for the sake of entertainment?
We couldn't even imagine the day that the stone barrack we slept,ate and suffered in would be full of our bodies,but not our minds.Was that the sound of forgiveness?Despair,scratching on the walls,screaming,and then just silence?
As my eyes searched for life across the room,they met the gaze of monsters.They looked like humans,but their color just vanished.My comrades didn't get up,only sixteen or seventeen creatures.As one after another opened the door,we came to the sight of life.Of course,our weaponry was still there,but no one to use it.Looking at each other,at our white hair,our pale skin and gray eyes,we realized that we weren't surrounded by monsters.We were the monsters.
The war was over.There wasn't anyone to tell us that we won or lost.Our enemies vanished out of thin air.However,our scars couldn't be ignored.My blue eyes were now covered by a mask that kept everyone away from me and my skinny bodywore a heavy armor.I didn't want anyone to see me like this.
Right now,as I look back,I realize that I've learnt only one thing:"Do NOT forget that day.This is why you're still alive.".

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Hi postman
07/19/2018 7:48 am
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......... Winner?
07/19/2018 7:49 am
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Æ? I know how it sounds since I'm from norway!
07/26/2018 10:15 am
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07/27/2018 8:37 am
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Good luck angle!
07/19/2018 4:42 am
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good one
07/19/2018 4:41 am
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Thank you!
07/18/2018 9:42 am
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Good luck Angel_15! (c; <3
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