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Soulspirits Witch

Soulspirits Witch Minecraft Skin

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avatar eagoy
Level 52 : Grandmaster Lava Rider
Welcome to my once in a year or two skinning attempt.

Some proper witch music

Story time:
(Text only version)
Design notes:
+ 6 spirits working together in a symbiotic relation,
- 1 on each leg and arm,
- 1 for the head
- 1 in the skeleton chest region (the strongest & brightest)
+ should have chosen a more 'simply' design rather than some odd concept, but heck spend quite some time on it
+ the witch hat, yeah not really a clue how to make it look pointy.
+ the coat, meant to fool miners when they are coming up from behind.
+ shading wise, done Saturation & Value shifting, not hue (that's for the next time)

Technical notes:
+ program used: gimp
+ map in screenshot used: Cats riding pigs migration

Thanks for looking at my once in a year or two skinning attempt.
Any constructive feedback for the next time would be appreciated.
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