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Space Wolf Pre-Heresy Skin

Space Wolf Pre-Heresy Skin Minecraft Skin
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avatar LordofNight2
Level 48 : Master Vampire
The Space Wolves. The 6th Legion. The Vikings and Beasts. The Space Wolves originate from Fenris, a death world classification. Fenris is cold and harsh, and the Fang is in the center of the harshest of storms. The Space Wolves reside here. They are great company and great warriors. They always have feasts before and after wars and crusades, and there is always a need to drink a beer. The Space Wolves are kind hearted, but inside them lurks a curse. The Wulfen, or Demon Wolf, always shadows them, waiting for an opportunity to take over their minds and drive them insane. The Space Wolves try to keep this a secret but it is very hard to when one of them breaks ranks during combat and begins to transform into a mutated beast.

Space Wolves page on Lexicanum

This skin is from The Heresy Era Skin Project

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CreditLeman Russ, Emperor of Mankind

01/16/2013 6:04 am
Level 36 : Artisan Hunter
space wolves werent that shade of blue pre heresy they were grey also what is the orange spot on his chest? also he has a wolf guard colour set on his shoulder but is wearing normal space marine armour not terminator

it looks good im just saying my suggestions about pre heresy
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