SpaceSuit Glowslime 1.02 Minecraft Skin
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SpaceSuit Glowslime 1.02

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Tgw Creeper avatar Tgw Creeper
Level 47 : Master Pixel Painter
Spacesuit Glowslime 1.02 is an advanced space suit with advanced tech to help you survive in space!
Helmet - has two layers, the inner one protects you from UV lights and contains air and the outer one protects from physical damage
Back of Helmet - cooling system that cools you by containing the heat, during cold temperatures it can release the heat back out
Back of Suit - system that compresses and contains air that can last up to 2 hours!
Legs and Arms - system that increases your physical strength that will counteract the weight of the space suit
Left Arm - has a weapon that can shoots a special liquid mixture that has an insane temperature with some panels above that control it
Right Arm - has a control panel that controls the whole space suit and is where you can recharge it

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