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LEGOSAM321 avatar LEGOSAM321
Level 42 : Master Wizard
Thomas "Tommy" Shepherd grew up in New Jersey fascinated by superheroes, especially the X-Men. His was born with paler skin than the rest of his family and white hair along with green eyes. Around the age of 9, his powers started manifesting. Tommy started to be able to run at super-human speeds. His parents (Frank and Mary Shepherd) took him to a doctor and found out he had the mutant gene. Tommy hid his powers from most of the world because he wanted to be a hero similar to Spider-Man.

As he grew so did his powers and he became faster and faster. When Tommy turned 13 he heard a calling to him from somewhere. His parents recently got divorced and his dad was working multiple jobs at the time so Tommy made a superhero suit and ran off to find what was calling him. During this time he was doing hero work but in order to get food to survive, he stole small amounts of cash off people, just enough for him to get breakfast, dinner and a snack each day. Nobody knew what had happened because he was so fast. Eventually S.H.I.E.L.D. found out about him and wanted to take him in for questioning. Tommy, or as he was going by at this time, Speed was just able to get himself out of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s hands because they were not equipped to battle someone with super speed to that level. The closest person was Quicksilver which just recently came back alive.

After a year of searching, hero work and running from S.H.I.E.L.D. Speed found himself in front of Avengers mansion the day before his 14th birthday. But somebody else followed and that was Asgardian, another young superhero. They looked at each other before Speed saw Asgardian's face. "You look like me?"

Edit: Oh year also I forgot to mention the end of the Civil War was happening in the first few months of his superhero career.

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