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Spider-Man V1 | Custom Design

Spider-Man V1 | Custom Design Minecraft Skin
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avatar LEGOSAM321
Level 41 : Master Wizard
It's my version of Spider-Man's first "spider suit". The only tech it has are the web-shooters. In my universe, May taught Peter to sow so all the red, blue and black parts are cheap fabric but mixed so form of plastic or silicon. This stops the suit from ripping so much. This plastic will also be used as the web patterns, kinda like Sam Rami's "spider suit". The eyepieces are made from one-way glass and the same plastic material to prevent them from breaking and glass shards going into Peter's eyes.
The web-shooters are made from metal, probably stainless steel. The "pods" are what holds the web fluid. These can be swapped for full "pods" or special webs. When pressing the button (hidden inside the glove) twice web fluid moves through the metal and out through the "shooters". One "pod" is connected to a different pipe thing and shoots out the other end. In this end, it shoots a spray that instantly dissolves the webs (which solidify in the air) instead of the normal two hours.
At this moment in time, Peter would have just turned 16 (in March) and would take possibly a month after.

11/23/2020 4:25 am
Level 21 : Expert uwu
can u let me made a version for java??
11/23/2020 4:44 am
Level 41 : Master Wizard
I'll try to just convert it quickly. It definitely won't look as good though. V2 would look bad as Java. V2 will be a super tech-based suit.
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