Spinosaurus Baby Minecraft Skin
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Spinosaurus Baby

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Spinosaurus From Jurassic Park 3 Baby

The reason I don't make adults is because of their massive sizes, at the end of the day whats the point if they're not huge?
I will make adults if I am asked to. Also, please diamond, comment, and subscribe. All comments are appreciated, wether its hate, or love.

The eyes are a bit low because its a baby :)

I know this is QUITE messy, thus, it's not complete.

This also has the effect were you can pull back the head, but its a bit more "cleaned up" as I was suggested to do.
The spine, I'm working on it, please recommend how to change / add

Some Colors Were used from JurassiCraft's Spinosaurus! A FEW Of the colors on the spine, and head belong to them :) It was hard to bring their spinosaurus to live, but by using their colours, I think it looks amazing. Of course, credits to Jurassic Park III.

Spinosaurus Baby Minecraft Skin
CreditJurassiCraft, Jurassic Park III, Me

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