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Sporite Animation

Sporite Animation Minecraft Skin
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avatar Enviolatile
Level 10 : Journeyman Skinner
An entry for the first unofficial foot race skin battle round two

This entry was extremely difficult, the pallete choice was hard to be bright and they were simply no highlights, I was expecting a little more from the image. But it was near close to atleast 5 low contrast shades on each colours. And the orange simply was jpeg'ed to the point of it not even it being orange. I hope you enjoy it though and I spent a lot of time on trying to figured this out

Lore :

Subject 2337, This creature was discovered in cave seemed to be completely alive, it was just a couple of rocks and undiscovered spores. These Dark-Azure spores appeared to manifest the granite into a living and function creature with cells. Many attempts were made at different rocks, but even the new granite didn't appear to work.

Therefore this monstrosity has been kept in terrariums to ensure, it doesn't go spreading around it spores to living beings.
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